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Sopari Cheel Unroasted

Indian Food & Spices | Speciality Groceries |  Sopari Cheel Unroasted

Betelnut(Sopari) Cheel Unroasted 300g

Betelnut(Sopari) Cheel Unroasted 300g

Ref: B1350

Peeled and packed in a 300g bag and ready to eat.

Betelnut is the seed of the Betel palm (Areca catechu). Betelnuts can be chewed for their effects as a mildly euphoric stimulant, attributed to the presence of relatively high levels of psychoactive alkaloids. Sopari, a generic Indian term used to characterize items eaten as mouth/breath fresheners and after eating digestion aids. Chewing it increases the capacity to work, also cause a hot sensation in the body; heightened alertness and sweating, is an important and popular cultural activity in many Asian countries. It is also used as an offering in Hinduism. In East and North-east India Betel nut is chewed with Pan (Betel leaf).

Benefits of Betelnut: Recommended to use for the prevention and treatment of obesity and helps to improve salivation. Nutritional analysis of the nuts suggests it to be a richest source of organic chromium salts. The role of chromium in the metabolism of fat has been well established now through various studies. Betelnut contain a large number of amino acids.

Available in a 300g bag.

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Indian Food & Spices | Speciality Groceries |  Sopari Cheel Unroasted

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