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Spice Jars

An amazing array of essential, hard to find and rare Indian spices which give Indian foods their distinctive flavours.

Spice Refills

Refill packs for our top selling spice jars. The highest quallity spices at the lowest prices.

Masalas & Curry Mixes

A range of ready-mixed spices used as the base for sauces, as marinades or as seasonings. A great way to save time if you cook Indian foods frequently.

Spiced Tea, Drinks & Syrups

A selection of non-alcoholic drinks and beverages which complement Asian food occasions.

Appetizers & Poppadums

A range of ready to eat appetizers and snacks, these are the real thing and are far more adventurous than those readily available in supermarkets.

Speciality Groceries

Some of the more unusual speciality products used in Asian cuisine. Dosa and Idli Mixes, Kewra Water, Jaggery and Rose Water to name a few. Please send us your own suggestions for inclusion in this section.

Oils & Ghee

A small selection of speciality oils and ghees used for Indian cooking. Butter Ghee, Mustard Oil and Coconut Oil.

Minced Paste

The easy way to add garlic or ginger to your curries. Superb quality - 95% pure ginger and garlic content.

Indian Chutneys & Sauce

Our range of authentic Indian chutneys. Chutneys are an essential accompaniment to any Indian meal or starter.

Indian Pickles

Our range of authentic Indian Pickles.Hot and spicy, Indian pickles add extra bite to your favourite Indian food.

Tinned Indian Foods

Tinned vegetables and curried vegetables prepared to original asian recipes.Tinned fruit, coconut milk and ghee.

Beans, Lentils and Dals

A variety of beans, lentils, pulses and dals. Essential Indian foods.

Rices & Flours

Various forms of rice including grain, ground, flour and flakes. Gram flour, chapatti flour, maize meal and polenta.

Nuts & Dried Fruit

Almonds, cashews, pistachios and coconut for culinary use.

Natco Flavoured Nuts

Cashew -Cumin & Black Pepper, Cashew- Honey Spice, Almond -Chilli & Ginger, Peanut - Balti, Peanut - Daria.

Bikaji Snacks & desserts

The finest range of indian snacks and desserts,available exclusively from Natco Online.

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