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Spice Jars

Indian Food & Spices |  Spice Jars

Spice Jars -  A to F

Indian spices from Aniseed Star to Fenugreek for Indian and Asian style cooking.

Spice Jars -  G to T

Indian spices from Garam Masala to Turmeric for Indian and Asian style cooking.

Herb Jars

A selection of the finest quality herbs essential to Indian foods of all kinds.

Natco Spices For Indian Cooking
Natco spices are the purest available anywhere and we go to great lengths to provide you with the highest quality products. Our buying network covers 80 different countries and ensures that our ingredients are the best there are, consistently.

Our buyers select direct from the growers in their own countries. By watching the crops growing, we can decide the best time for harvest to provide the fullest, most intense flavour. We then check the crop 3 times between harvest and shipping to ensure that only the finest ingredients carry the Natco brand name.

Raw spices are then cleaned, filtered, milled and packed in our UK factory to the exacting standards demanded by UK supermarket multiple chains. Each delivery is checked twice by independent food analysts and once by our own analysts prior to packing.

Gluten Free Spices from Natco
Natco spices are made without compromise. Certain spices like Asafoetida are a resin in the natural state and need to be combined with a flour base for culinary use. Our competitors often use wheat flour, but Natco uses only rice flour which ensures our spices can be used by those with gluten intolerances such as coeliac sprue and does not impair the purity of the flavour.

Our ground spices do not contain any wheat flour as an ingredient.

Indian Food & Spices |  Spice Jars

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