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Welcome to the home of authentic Indian cuisine. Enjoy our diverse selection food, spices and cooking ingredients.

With over 2000 authentic items in-store, we offer the widest range of Indian foods and spices for the Indian cooking enthusiast from the UK's leading Indian food brand.

Rich in complex yet subtle flavours, Indian cuisine is defined by an adventurous use of herbs and spices in every dish.

For centuries traders journeyed vast distances to bring rare and exotic spices to the spice bazaars of the world. Now we bring these same exotic Indian spices and cooking ingredients direct to your door.

Visit our partner site to buy delicious Natco nuts and snacks, and 100% of the revenues will be donated to charity. What’s more, you can choose from a selection of charities where your donation goes to.. Click here to get involved!

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Indian cooking spices and ingredients

The Curry Connoisseur - Bombay Sandwich SpreadThe Curry Connoisseur - Bombay Sandwich Spread
The 'Bombay Sandwich' is a delicious vegetarian sandwich filled with fresh salad, vegetables and of course, a generous helping Bombay Sandwich Spread.
Spiced Tea - Add a little lift to your daySpiced Tea - Add a little lift to your day
Why not try our deliciously warming combination of black tea, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger and black pepper ready-mixed in a tea bag for added convenience. Light and refreshing - a truly uplifting experience.

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